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Should I Add Home Automation to My New Home?

Mon, Jun 7th, 2021

Should I Add Home Automation to My New Home?

You probably have heard the term home automation but have you ever considered incorporating it into your new home? Home automation is building automation for a home or smart house. Home automation allows for you to control and monitor many aspects of your home including temperature, appliances, lighting, entertainment systems, window treatments, home security and even your swimming pool.

Many people don't think about utilizing home automation because they haven't used it. Once you have the opportunity to experience the convenience of home automation, it is hard to return to a home without it.

Home automation is a system that carries out processes without making life complicated for the user. You may get to the point where you want to control everything with home automation but some things like turning on the iron may not really do much to improve ones quality of life.

Home Automation

It is important when considering home automation to choose which parts of a users home they want to control that will really meet their needs. Even though some components of a part of home automation can work individually, it is important to make a plan that will look at how they work together as a whole. For example, if selecting a predefined environment for the morning, the system in a single process can initiate turning off the house alarm, turning on the lights and opening the curtains.

If you are working with an architect on your new home project, they can help define locations of switches and other devices and their functions for your home automation system.

Home automation should be included in the construction plan from the beginning as things can become more complex if not. Home automation can greatly reduce energy consumption. For example, from your smartphone, you can turn the temperature higher in your home or lower in your pool and then on your way home turn your home's temperature down so by the time you reach, it will be cooler inside. Or if you plan to go for a swim when you get home, you can turn up the pool's temperature so it will be perfect when you arrive home for an evening swim.

Although home automation can make things more convenient for anyone, individuals with special needs or certain conditions can benefit even more from utilizing home automation in their environment. If someone has motor skills issues like a person with Parkinson's disease may have, they can have difficulty managing light switches. This is where home automation would come in to make their life easier.

See What's Going On in Real Time

With home automation and cameras, you can see in real time if an intruder enters your home while you are away and even know which window or door they used to enter your home. If there is a water or gas leak, you can be notified and if there are safety systems in place, have them either automatically engage or you can engage them remotely from your smartphone.

As can be seen, with home automation, you can control many aspects of your living environment when you are at home or away from home. If you are thinking about building a new home and are looking for an architect to work with on the design and incorporating home automation features, call South Florida Architecture and Let's Get Started! (239) 777-0616