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South Florida Architecture

We Provide Creative and Functional Architectural Design from Concept to Delivery

Your GO-TO Team for Architectural Excellence

At South Florida Architecture we have one simple passion: bringing all of your commercial and residential architectural design dreams to life!

As the premier architecture and design firm in South Florida, our team of highly-skilled, local architects have over half a century of combined experience in creating innovative and iconic commercial and residential architectural designs that leave lasting impressions.

We work closely with a wide range of clients across multiple industries, on countless projects, striving to make sure their dreams become a reality.

Whether you're a business trying to build an eye-catching office or retail front, or a resident looking to build your dream home from the ground up, our veteran staff of industry vanguards know exactly what it takes to push the envelope, while still meeting proper regulations and standards.

South Florida Architecture

South Florida Architecture's award-winning team of local architects specialize in collaborating with construction companies and real estate professionals to build:

Everyday our custom architecture and design firm is exceeding expectations through the artistic realization of another client's unique vision...


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