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Residential Architects

Make Your Dream Home a Reality with Our Team of Residential Architects

Residential Architecture Custom Home Designs

Why Choose South Florida Architecture for Your Custom Home Design?

Residential architecture covers custom home designs and renovations made to residential housing, such as remodels, expansions and room additions. Residential architecture is a truly diverse realm of design with multiple styles and influences. Whether you're seeking the classic flavor of Colonial or Victorian-era architecture or the new-age, open feel of Contemporary designs, a talented architect can bring a life and personality to a custom home that you'll never find in "cookie-cutter" plans.

With over half a century of combined experience designing architectural icons across South Florida, we are proud of our track record producing awe-inspiring custom home designs and remarkable residential renovations. We listen closely to our clients as they verbally illustrate their vision and then breathe life into its design through beautifully crafted concept sketches, blueprints and architectural plans.

South Florida Architecture's professional staff collaborates beautifully with construction and real estate professionals to ensure that our designs are as plausible as they are aesthetically pleasing. We consider all facets of design, including the land on which it is built, enabling our architects to thoroughly analyze the selected site and optimize visually stimulating views and excellent curb appeal.

Residential Expansions and Renovations

Your project doesn't have to start from scratch! Do you have an idea for an expansion of your existing residential property? Perhaps you are looking to refresh a current residential home through skillful renovation?

At South Florida Architecture we have experience in:

  • Complete Residential Home Renovations
  • Room Additions
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bath Remodels

We also lend our services in creating professional renderings for builders, developers, interior designers, and other architects. So whether you're a client or a professional in the construction and design business looking to collaborate, we have what you need to bring your project to fruition.