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Condominiums Architecture

Exceptional Condominium Designs for Private and Public Sectors

We Don't Simply Design Condominiums...We Design Living Environments!

Are you looking for a condominium architect to design a building potential residents will be eager to live in? South Florida Architecture has extensive experience in all aspects of condominium architecture and incorporates your concepts and vision into every detail so that the building we create delivers exceptional style and exceeds your expectations.

Our team at South Florida Architecture has over half a century of combined experience in this field. We have a large and diverse portfolio that demonstrates our ability to adapt to any project, no matter how simple or complex.

The main goal for investing in building a condominium is ROI. The design of your building is an important part of this because you want a building that people want to live in.

Condo with Balcony
Condominium Lobby

There are a number of considerations when it comes to condominium architecture design including:

  • An Attractive Exterior - A beautiful facade makes a great first impression for potential buyers
  • A Splendid Entrance and Lobby - People want to live in luxury; a grand lobby and entrance adds value and provides a good feeling every time someone walks in
  • Convenient and Functional Parking Space Design - Parking should not be a hassle and there should be adequate space for both residents and guests; parking areas also should be well lit and feel safe
  • Luxurious Elevators - Elevators with a more expansive look help residents feel safe and comfortable when using them
  • Spacious Corridors - Walkways and hallways should be well lit with good ventilation so that residents feel safe and comfortable walking around any time, day or night
  • Exterior Open Spaces - Allowing space for jogging, walking and cycling and/or other outdoor activities adds value and provides much needed entertainment for residents, as well as a good ratio for building to outdoor space

These are just a few of the many important features that should be considered with condominium architecture design.

Ready to get started on your condominium architecture project?

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