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What Is Commercial Architecture?

The term "commercial" defines any group or organization whose operations' primary focus is on producing, merchandising or transporting some sort of commodity or on providing a particular service to one's clientèle. In architecture and design, we use the term "commercial" rather broadly; it encompasses the design of spaces such as residential rental properties, retail stores and office environments, just to name a few. Whether your commercial project is in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Marco Island or beyond, it should be a place that does more than simply meet the basic needs and necessities of your business; your commercial building and/or office space really should echo your company's unique identity and be a reflection of your brand, culture and core values.

Designing a new office, retail or residential building is an expansive, tedious process that requires an experienced architectural firm that is intimately familiar with all applicable local codes and regulations. From conception through construction, a commercial architectural project requires that an aesthetic synergy and cohesion be created between the building site and the structure itself. Our architectural designs are created with your specific site selection in mind, and intentionally designed to optimize scenic views and natural lighting, while simultaneously accommodating for a variety of external factors, such as parking, other buildings or structures, and any future additions/expansions that may be on the horizon.

Why Choose South Florida Architecture for YOUR Commercial Design Project?

Our team of professional commercial architects will work with you to combine artistic innovation with functionality to create a one-of-a-kind design that reflects your company's brand. South Florida Architecture starts every project by sitting down with our clients and having a detailed discussion to ensure that there is a mutual understanding of their vision, so we can produce a custom design to match.

The face of your next retail, office or rental space should lure in potential clients. Your interior should make a bold statement. Our highly-skilled staff of local architects can tap into various aesthetic styles depending upon your personal preference and help you create an original, eye-catching design that is truly reflective of your individuality and brand image.

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Our Bonita Springs Architecture and Design Firm Specializes in Creating Innovative Designs For:

South Florida Architecture will guide you through this extensive process with the care, quality and personal attention that you deserve. For more information on how South Florida Architecture can create a custom, creative, long-lasting commercial architectural design that reflects the spirit of your South Florida-based company's culture, contact us to schedule an appointment for a FREE project quote!

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