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Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! South Florida Architecture and all architects employed are licensed by the State of Florida and we are insured.

Why do I need an architect?

Florida Building Code requires all commercial projects be designed by a licensed architect. Architects are professionals who design buildings and are available to advise building professionals during the construction process. Hiring an architect is important to the integrity of the constructed final product.

What duties does an architect perform?

Architects are masters of taking a clients’ vision, researching the functionality of the proposed building, and creating design drawings that fulfill those objectives. The architect must design a dwelling that adheres to building codes, is safe for its occupants and can also withstand the elements.

Do you provide services for residential and commercial projects?

Yes, we provide architectural services for both residential and commercial projects.

How do you determine price and when are payments due?

We offer free quotes for all clients. Price is based on complexity and size of each job, and price schedules are tailored to fit that particular project. After determining these factors, South Florida Architecture will provide the client with a written proposal outlining the scope of work and pricing details. Once agreed upon by both parties, a retainer will be due and our work will begin. Progress payments will be billed as work progresses and final payments are payable once the drawings are complete. Again, all of this will be clearly outlined in the proposal.

What is included in a set of architectural design documents? Will structural engineering be included in my design documents?

The scope of work for projects will vary but we will provide full architectural drawings. Structural drawings, MEPs and interior design drawings are available if requested by our client. This will be discussed and determined prior to providing our proposal.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Projects vary in many ways so it would be hard to offer a general timeline. However, this will be an important topic at our initial meeting with you.

Is it difficult to work with clients who are long distance?

Not at all! We have worked with several clients who are not in our local service area. We can easily use the internet to effectively communicate and share PDFs as the job progresses. We will be available to work with you wherever you may be.

Do you make jobsite visits? How often do you visit and is there an additional charge?

We would be happy to provide jobsite visit services if requested by the client. The frequency and pricing will be determined on a case by case basis.

What services will you provide when dealing with the planning and building authorities?

Because we work with local authorities on a regular basis, we are happy to assist in this regard. Typically, we interact with the planning and building authorities during the permit review and application process.