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8 Qualities Every Architect Should Adopt

Mon, Oct 28th, 2019

8 Qualities Every Architect Should Adopt

Every great architect has unique qualities that separate them from the competition. While these attributes are critical, there are certain habits and skills that EVERY architect should hone. In this blog, we’ll discuss 8 essential qualities that an architect should embody.

  1. Detailed Sketching - As our society adapts to a digital world more and more every day, the ability to communicate a vision through a quick, detailed sketch is extremely effective. Although many people don’t keep up with the evolution of architecture, clients expect us to be proficient at this skill.
  2. Handling Constructive Criticism - Don’t take it personally, even the best architects are told to modify their design from time to time. Constructive criticism can make you think outside of the box and enhance the design in ways you hadn’t considered, which benefits both you and the team.
  3. Get in the Field - You can only enhance your skills so much when you’re in the office. Stepping foot on a construction site may put you out of your comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. It’s also an opportunity to see your drawings come to life, which is extremely gratifying.
  4. Listen - Successful architects hear what their clients are telling them, and strategically implement those features throughout the residential or commercial property design concept. Communication is key to successfully satisfy the clients architectural needs and desires.
  5. Keep Up With Trends - Staying up to date with industry trends shows dedication to your craft. It also enhances credibility with the local community and anyone looking to use your services.
  6. Keep an Open Mind - Ask your consultants for advice. Their expertise can play a vital role in the outcome of the project. Most of them have innovative ideas that just need to be heard, sometimes all you need to do is “ask” to get it out of them.
  7. Think - Develop a style all your own. Architecture isn’t about seeing a style you like and copying it. Let the design come from the site, the client, your knowledge and the requirements of the project. The ability to adapt during a project takes excellent critical thinking skills, and comes in-handy on most jobs.
  8. Give Your Mind a Break - Don’t think about architecture 24/7 and don’t ONLY hangout with architects... give your mind a break from the daily grind and the people associated with that. We love our jobs, but expanding your horizons and learning about the world around you can help develop creative thoughts in every facet of life (including work).

As the premier architecture and design firm in South Florida, we believe these qualities are the heart of any great architect. Our team of highly-skilled, local professionals practice these 8 traits on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for an architect to design the custom home or business of your dreams, contact South Florida Architecture. We have over a half-century of combined experience and look forward to working with you!

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