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Why Hire a Residential Architect?

Thu, Jan 23th, 2020

Why Hire a Residential Architect?

Whether you’re remodeling, expanding or building from the ground up, you might ask yourself, “Why do I need to hire a residential architect?” You may have a friend or acquaintance that’s in a related field that has a keen eye for home renovations and everything it entails. This person will most likely be able to assist you in a variety of ways throughout the process... but they are not a replacement for an experienced architect. Architects are trained to visualize the finished product and resolve any structural or design dilemmas that may appear during the project.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why it would be advantageous to have an experienced residential architect on your team, along with what South Florida Architecture brings to the table, in both experience and skill.

Maximizing Skill-Sets

Builders and contractors obviously play an integral role in any construction process. Ultimately, their abilities bring our vision to light. But just as we would struggle immensely to do their job, builders and contractors would not strategically design at our level of expertise. We all have different skill-sets, and keeping each role separate maximizes the strengths in each department and greatly increases the odds of producing a phenomenal finished product.

That being said, asking a contractor or builder, to take on the duties of an architect could result in major set-backs or design issues that could delay the project days, weeks or even months.

Utilizing Space Properly

Maximizing the space in your home doesn’t just make the room feel open and larger, you’re literally getting the best “bang for your buck”. Wasted space equals wasted money. If the layout in any of the rooms in your home could have been enhanced even further for the same price, you didn’t get the best value cost.

This could range from a minor detail such as a small amount of space lost in a closet, to a costly miscalculation, resulting in potential clutter and a claustrophobic atmosphere in the kitchen, master bedroom or bathrooms. An experienced architect will always maximize space, which will increase the value of your home.

South Florida Architecture

South Florida Architecture does much more than design homes. We enhance your living space by strategically configuring a layout that best suits the needs of the homeowner. We understand every project comes with its own unique challenges, but that’s what we live for. We love what we do, and we would love to help create the home of your dreams. Let’s get started!

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