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Consider This Before Expanding Your Home

Fri, Oct 9th, 2020

Consider This Before Expanding Your Home

After hours of consideration, you have decided to expand your home! This is an exciting opportunity to remain in the same house where so many memories have been made without sacrificing space. There's a good chance you're eager to get started and get the project underway. But for this experience to go accordingly, it requires extensive planning.

In this blog, we'll discuss why it's critical to determine the purpose of the expansion, along with the cost and value of the project before you begin. We will also explain why having an experienced architect in your corner can help you throughout the process.

Why do you want to Expand?

People expand their homes because they need more space and they don't want to move. But delve deeper behind the reasoning of your home expansion:

  • Do you want more space for relaxing?
  • Is your family growing?
  • Do you want more light to come into your home?
  • Are you working from home and need a home office?
  • Do you plan on entertaining and want your kitchen expanded?

These answers will greatly help an architect and contractor understand your vision and expand your home the way you need it to be done.

Cost and Budget

Going into your first meeting with an architect, it's important to have your budget in place and have an understanding of what you can get for that money. This will prevent surprises from popping up. The expectation isn't for you to have the cost down to the last penny, you won't know that until you meet with the architect, contractor, etc., but have a general understanding of your budget and how much you can expand with that total. For example, be aware if you are expanding on the ground-level, you will need to pay for new foundations. If you are building a new floor, the staircase will need to be added to the cost. Different situations will alter the overall cost.

Added Value

Not only is it important to know the cost of the project, but what is the additional value that will be added to your home when the expansion is completed? If you're planning on selling your home in the future, focus on adding space that will significantly increase the home's value (in addition to your wants and needs), such as a larger kitchen, master bedroom, or an extra guest bedroom.

If you're not planning on selling the home, you can tailor the expansion more towards your specific needs. Adding features like a larger garage for your tools and an extra vehicle, a designated man cave or lady lair, or a bar space for entertaining guests. While these additions will increase the value of your home, the overall value won't go up as much as the addition of an extra bedroom or a larger kitchen because these additions are tailored to the broader homebuyer market, and not your specific needs.

South Florida Architecture

When you work with South Florida Architecture, we are always happy to provide not only design tips, but tips to help maximize your budget for specific scenarios. Our team of architects have over a half-century of experience designing custom homes and expanding upon existing residences. There's always an unexpected surprise during a project, but having an architecture team that keeps your best interest at heart and vision in mind will make the overall process much smoother. Are you ready to expand your home? Give us a call and Let's Get Started!

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