how Millennials are impacting architectureMillennials have been changing our cultural landscape. From workplace environments to consumer habits and living spaces, industries are adapting to an outlier generation that is paving a new norm for life. Architects, especially, have to be keenly aware of this generation’s desires. Millennials are impacting architecture in a strong way, which you’ll see in 2018’s design trends as well as those that span the coming years.

Below are a few ways in which this young generation is already influencing architectural design:

A Growing Focus on Communal Space

Personal space was once a priority in both work and personal environments. While humanity has always been a social creature, that space was secondary to the need for privacy.

However, this new generation is shifting that design approach. Where the expectation was approximately 30% communal space and 70% private space, that ratio is now beginning to flip. The Millennial expectation is to make communal space the primary piece of real estate, steering architects to create designs that foster congregation and collaboration.

Why? It comes down to the change in cultural dynamics between Millennials and their predecessors. In general, the social nature of Millennials has bled into both workplace and everyday culture, calling for connectivity and community. They thrive best in collaborative work environments, leading CEO’s and business owners to transition toward a more open workspace.

Beyond that, many members of this generation lean toward cohabitation, sharing their residential space with roommates, partners, and/or friends. This leads to our next shift in design trends…

The Minimalist Millennial 

There are two factors in the Millennial lifestyle that are changing the way a living space is used: an aversion to settling down and a yearning desire to be their own boss. Both are linked to a sense of freedom.

Surveys have shown that Millennials are getting married later in life (if at all), and are less likely than previous generations to have children. Leading autonomous lives mixed with a freelancer’s spirit, home for them is a functional place with a humble amount of space.

Tiny houses.

Small apartments.

Low maintenance.

Millennials in general have a desire for a simple space where they can live, work, and meet basic needs without being a slave to their home or rent.

This has led to minimalist designs focused on function—not luxury—utilizing space in a way that is multi-functional. It’s something architects are beginning to see more of this year and likely in years to come.

Millennials are Impacting Architecture, but What Generation Doesn’t?

While media has painted Millennials as a deviation from the norm that is changing the face of our culture, the truth is that change is inevitable. That is the beauty of both life and design. They are ever-changing, influenced by new generations, new ideas, new trends, and new innovations.  

And this is just a taste of the many architectural trends in 2018. Many other breakout trends join the ranks of these Millennial-inspired designs, and many more are guaranteed to follow.

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