things to share with your architect florida architecture firm When a client hires an architect to complete a design for their next building project, he or she may not always know what information is best to bring to the table. After all, if they knew what it took to create a blueprint and design, they wouldn’t need to hire the experts! Skillful architects often glean the necessary information from the client through an initial consultation, so it pays to come prepared.

The clearer and more precise a client is in their vision, the closer an architect and his or her team can get to capturing it. Details matter, which is why we’ve put together this list of 5 things you’ll always want to share about your project.

Tip #1: Share Whatever Resources You Can to Convey Your Idea

It’s hard to convey our vision to another person without having a concrete example to help illustrate it. An architect can whip up concept sketches fairly quickly based on your verbal descriptions, but he or she can’t see what is inside your head. Until an idea is put down on paper, it remains open to interpretation.

Help bring clarity to your vision by pairing your description with photos or other forms of media that elucidate your idea. These images don’t have to be exact. Each one may only have a single detail that is relevant, such as stone veneer siding or a certain architectural style that you want incorporated into your own design. Every little detail counts. The more you provide, the closer the professionals can get to capturing your vision.

Tip #2: Share Your Thoughts on Use, Functionalities, and Features

Only part of an architectural design is aesthetics. Functionality plays a big role in your residential or commercial design. Be open with the architect and his or her team. Share how you intend to use the space and what features matter most.

If you’re investing in a residential design, share more about yourself. Are you a minimalist or a collector? Do you favor the outdoors or a cozy study? Do you like to share things with your partner or do you prefer a “his and hers” closet and bathroom design? Who you are and what you prefer plays a large role in designing the home of your dreams.

The same goes for commercial buildings. If the experts know how you want the space to feel and what you want to accomplish within it, they can cater the design to your desires.

Tip #3: Share Your Budget

It’s easy to let your dreams get ahead of your budget when you’re brainstorming for a project. There are so many possibilities and few of us know exactly what it costs to bring them to life. If you let the architecture firm know ahead of time what you are willing to spend, they can rein you in with reminders of what does and does not fit into the scope of your budget, or make suggestions on certain alterations or substitutions that may help you achieve what you want within the boundaries of your established fund.

Tip #4: Share a Willingness to Be Flexible

A great architect and his or her team will listen closely to your vision and do everything they can to get as close to it as possible. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they will always yield to structural integrity. Certain construction elements such as electrical work, heating, plumbing, and stability in construction may limit their ability to achieve certain ideas.

Be flexible, and realize that a necessary change or alteration may be necessary in order to bring your project to life. Have faith in your architect and keep an open mind when suggested changes are offered during the design or building process. They can be flexible too, compromising on certain details to help meet you somewhere in the middle.

Tip #5: Share Your Thoughts and Questions

Communication matters. If you aren’t certain of why an architect added a certain element, made a certain change, or urged you to deviate from your initial idea, ask why. A good architecture firm has your best interests in mind and will explain why something may not align with your original plan.

If you’re unhappy with a certain change or you aren’t sure whether you like it, speak up. A firm’s job is to create an architectural design that satisfies you—the client—and the best kind aren’t afraid to consider different ways to achieve that goal. The more you communicate with the team you’re working with, the better they can meet your expectations.

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