Fantastic Condominium Designs for Private and Public Sectors

Looking for a condominium design that potential residents will be eager to live in? South Florida Architecture delivers designs with exceptional style and originality. We don’t just listen to our clients’ concepts. We apply your vision in every detail we can so that we may get as close to the look you want as possible.

Do you tend to place your trust in those with experience? So do we! That’s why South Florida Architecture’s exceptional team features over 50 years of combined experience in the field. Our diverse portfolio demonstrates our ability to adapt to any project, no matter how minimal or complex it may seem. Set up an appointment to discuss your future condominiums with us and we’ll show you how we can make it happen.

South Florida Architecture Doesn’t Just Create Buildings. We Create an Environment.

A condominium should feel like more than a set of walls. It should feel enticing enough to make residents want to spend time inside, whether it be to eat, socialize, or rest. A good design will make them instantly feel at home when they walk inside, and that’s exactly what we intend to create.

When we take on your project, South Florida Architecture aims to deliver exceptional results. Our architect will create an ambiance in your condominium design that can be experienced before you even step inside. How does our team do it? We thoroughly examine the site you have selected to build upon. From viewpoints to lighting to potential development, we consider every feature that will impact the environment of your structure.

Afterward, we incorporate the best features of your building site into the condominium’s design. An impressive street view will lead into an entryway that beckons residents and visitors inside. Your interior will align with the style and impressions agreed upon in our collaborative meeting. Its style will carry from room to room in a seamless, cohesive theme that embodies the entirety of the condominium.

Eager to have us stay on board through the construction of your structure? No problem! We can work with your contracted construction team to ensure the finished product matches our design.

Ready to Get Started on Your Condominium Architecture Project?

Quotes are free upon your initial visit! Give us a call at 239-777-0616 or fill out our online form to set an appointment. Our office is located off of Coconut Road in Estero, Florida. We would be happy to have you come join us at our location, meet the team, and discuss the details of your future project.